Monday, July 14, 2008

More Athena to Love

JH has been hard at work to bring you 5 more colors for our new Athena sandals, which we just released at the Footwear Expo. They are now available in pink, green, blue, teal and grape. Fabulous for summer!

Currently available at the Footwear Expo (and as with all our shoes there, a portion of every sale will benefit the ASPCA) and at our main store in Linji.

Visit us at the 2008 SL Footwear Expo

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Athena at the Expo

Introducing "Athena" sandals at The HUB:

As sculpty prims can be tricky to mod, we are providing both regular and wide ankle sizes in every purchase, so you won't have to worry about messing up the shoes to get them to fit properly. Available now at the 2008 SL Footwear Expo (see below for info.) and also at our main store in Linji. We'll be adding them to some of our satellite stores in the near future as well.

We are pleased to announce that we are participating in the 2008 SL Footwear Expo from July 12th through the 27th. You can even enter a raffle for a fabulous prize that includes a pair of our new Athena sandals, among prizes from many, many other wonderful designers. A portion of all our sales at the Footwear Expo will be donated to the ASPCA.

Visit us at the 2008 SL Footwear Expo

Visit our main store

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Venus Sandals: 11 new ways to let your inner goddess shine!

A few of you hinted that you'd like to see our popular Venus sandals in some fresh new colors. And we agree!

Introducing 11 fabulous new colors for spring and summer! Demos available for all 16 colors.

Brights: Bright Pink, Bright Yellow, Lime Green, Orange and Turquoise

Light: Pale Pink, Pale Blue, Pale Yellow, Lilac, Spring Green and White Pearl

Click here to teleport to our main store in Linji.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New... The HUB for MEN!

We're so excited to announce that we've branched out into menswear!!!

All casual goodness for now...

I'll let the photos speak for themselves:

Currently available at our main store in Linji (but soon to be added at our new store in moosh!)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Treasure hunt, anyone?

We are involved in two great treasure hunts running this weekend and next week, so I wanted to pass along the hunt information. We have made a special free gift for the treasure hunters, and without giving it away, I'll tell you that it is something you could wear on the beach this summer! ;-)

One hunt is at Ohana Isle, with 45 treasures from 27 designers hidden somewhere on the island. You can pick up a notecard with an island map and approximate locations of the freebies.

The other is the grid-wide Red Stick Animation Festival Hunt. If you go to the starting point of the hunt, you will get a list of over 50 participating designers and LMs for you to hunt for the hidden red sticks.

Happy hunting!!!

Venus Inspired...

We've received some wonderful feedback regarding JH's Venus sandals, which couldn't thrill him (or me) more! Hugs to you all!

In case anyone was wondering, I just wanted to show you where our inspiration for these unique sandals came from. Here are links to the RL sandals our design is based on:

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Shoes, glorious shoes!!!

We are thrilled to introduce our new "Venus" sandals!

JH has been hard at work for weeks on these sculpty sandals, and his hard work shows! These fabulous, funky and chunky sandals are available in 5 colors: shiny black patent leather and snakeskin (or suede, depending on what distance you view them from) in black, red, dark chocolate brown and tan/gold. They have a stacked wooden heel, a cork sole, wide leather straps across the toe and high on the arch, with narrow leather straps holding a tortoise shell ring and winding and wrapping around the ankle and tying in the back.
Demos are available in store (please note that while the demos are no mod and have the ankle strap fixed to the shoe, the actual shoes come with a separate ankle strap that is modifiable for a perfect fit). The Venus sandals are currently for sale in our main store in Linji as well as our satellite stores in Wingo and our newest location in Seahorse (still being set up).

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Parrot Island Swimwear!

We're proud to introduce Parrot Island Swimwear! Bikinis in 15 different, fun prints. We've made these to be sold exclusively at Parrot Island, in conjunction with their Miss Parrot Island Competition. The winner will receive $10,000L! They are accepting entries from now until March 31st, with the final competition taking place on April 19th. You can pick up more information and an entry form at Parrot Island (SLurl below the pics). Of course you do not need to enter the competition to purchase a bikini. ;)

These bikinis will be sold only at Parrot Island, not in any of our other stores, so you'll need to go there to pick one (or a few!) up. Once you TP to the boardwalk, go up the stairs to Lush Bar. The bikinis are available on the outside, left wall of Lush Bar:

As always, you can veiw the rest of our complete collection at our main store in Linji:

I'll be setting out a St. Patrick's Day freebie sometime in the next couple of days, so come by to pick that up as well. :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wishing for Spring...

A closer pic:

These tops have me thinking (and wishing!) for spring.

Mod Print Tops: Fun and funky geometric print in 6 different color combinations on black. Two versions of the top are included (one with a faux tank in black underneath, if you want a bit more modesty) and both versions come on all available layers.

Available now at our main store in Linji, on a table next to the new release board. Check them out... JH made the vendors from sculpties! They look almost real!

Hopefully, I'll be putting them out at our other locations within the next day.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

All New at The HUB

OMGosh!!! We have a blog! This blogging stuff is all new to me, so you'll have to bear with me while I figure it out. I'll eventually get this place spiffed up, but ya gotta start somewhere, right? ;)

The news: We've officially changed our name from "Hubby's Boutique" to "The HUB." Along with that, we've replaced the build at our main location. JH (aka Hubby) built it himself! Not bad for a first building, if I do say so myself! We still have some work to do on the exterior... on the landing area in front, and all the landscaping. But the clothes are what's first and foremost, right?

February has been a very busy month for us at The HUB. In addition to getting the new store open, we participated in a hugely successful grid-wide treasure hunt for Valentine's Day. In case you didn't get our free red heart cardigan, it's still available next to our other freebies in the store at Linji. I'll probably leave it there through the end of the month.

We also had our very first fashion show, with MODA. That was great fun! It all went off with only a few minor technical glitches, lol. You can view it at

And last but certainly not least... we also had a new release:

"Jackie" in zebra and leopard. A 3/4 sleeved cardigan (both with and without a belt) with a bold colored organza skirt and matching cami (with both short and long versions). Everything comes on all layers, so you can mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe to your heart's content. There are sooooo many layers with this outfit! I lost count, but I think it comes with 25 pieces!

We've got another new release in the works, so stay tuned!!!

Visit our main location in Linji at