Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Parrot Island Swimwear!

We're proud to introduce Parrot Island Swimwear! Bikinis in 15 different, fun prints. We've made these to be sold exclusively at Parrot Island, in conjunction with their Miss Parrot Island Competition. The winner will receive $10,000L! They are accepting entries from now until March 31st, with the final competition taking place on April 19th. You can pick up more information and an entry form at Parrot Island (SLurl below the pics). Of course you do not need to enter the competition to purchase a bikini. ;)

These bikinis will be sold only at Parrot Island, not in any of our other stores, so you'll need to go there to pick one (or a few!) up. Once you TP to the boardwalk, go up the stairs to Lush Bar. The bikinis are available on the outside, left wall of Lush Bar:


As always, you can veiw the rest of our complete collection at our main store in Linji:


I'll be setting out a St. Patrick's Day freebie sometime in the next couple of days, so come by to pick that up as well. :)